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Are you ready to take your organization to the E.D.G.E.?

     The Learning E.D.G.E. is a real world, practical applications approach to the new world of business management, specializing in customized sales, marketing and customer service programs that enhance or change current performance to meet newly defined skill requirements.

     The Learning E.D.G.E. has a street-proven approach in designing and implementing developmental programs with many of the fortune 500 companies. This team building approach can work for your company and take you and your corporate sales, marketing and customer service team to the competitive edge in your industry.

     The principles of The Learning E.D.G.E. that can take your company to the cutting edge of your industry are founded on this basic philosophy:

Education and knowledge concerning your customers'/company's goals.
Development and skill enhancement of people to meet company and personal goals.
Guidance and direction with custom designed materials for each program that allows for easy, logical transitions from one learning competency to another.
Evolution, not radical change, is the only approach that delivers significant behavioral modification that will truly last.

     Take your time and browse through our website to see which of our many services and/or programs will benefit you and your company or ogranization. Choose from a wide variety of target specific programs such as Business Manager 2000, the Seven 'C's Workshops, team building packages such as our Team Olympics, Teaming 2000 and much much more! And please... if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here at The Learning E.D.G.E.

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