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Read what a few of our clients have to say about us...

Michelle Judkins, Director - Retail Division, Don Penn Consulting Engineer
"Dear Joe,
We at IEG-Don Penn had a wonderful (and I mean truly wonderful) day with you at the Ranch. The compliments where still coming in yesterday. I believe everyone got so much out of the experience and I know that they were all very impressed with your presentation and the atmosphere. We are definitely looking forward to future workshops with you. Company wide and Management. I look forward to hearing from you after the first of the year."

Jennifer Rodriguez & Susan Schortman- Aetna
"Now I have got to say this was the best training I have ever gone to. I believe our instructor made all the difference in the world. He was amazing! We could have had some decent teambuilding activities & a lot of fun, but he really took it a step further and focused on what we needed to bring back to our job & took all those notes on us and made us think. I bet all of us listened a lot closer because we were hoping he'd give up a clue to the next challenge. He really made it his job to poke into our strengths & weaknesses and to peel away some bad habits in the short time he had us. We are putting together our own internal website using your newsletter photos and some things we need to focus on - once developed I'll send you the URL. Thanks again for all your help - everyone enjoyed it!!!! "

Rob Reilly - G.E. Medical Systems
"The team had a great day! It was the perfect mix of fun + practical learning experience in an environment that was very conducive for folks to open up and relax. The 4 activities that you chose were very appropriate for the group and delivered great coaching points. There were a number of classic hilarious moments (including dropping our mktg mgr on the spider web activity)... we can't wait to see the pictures!

Thanks for your help and quick turnover in putting together a program. It will be key component of this group becoming a high performance team very quickly!"

Shauna Nelson-Verizon
"HELLO COWBOY!!!!  WE LOVED IT.   It was a wonderful experience for everyone.   I have received a tremendous amount of POSITIVE feedback on the Team Building event, and I personally want to thank you for offering such an amazing experience to the Verizon Team.   In return, you are guaranteed that the information regarding the team building will be communicated throughout the company.  Some comments received:  "Since the first one in 1992, I have participated in each annual meeting. This was, by far, the most organized and well-planned event we've had yet.  Oh yes!!!   Enjoyed being your partner in the Three Legged Race....We kicked But!!!!!"  One more thing....You were extraordinary in making me "shine"! You made the team building and dinner planning very easy for me by providing an unforgettable experience for me and the Verizon Team. I sincerely appreciate all you have done for Verizon and myself."

Phil Klezmer-KFC
"Thank you for leading our team and allowing us to have fun and learn together. We will be coming back for more of both. Thank you for helping with our CHAMPS Balanced Score Card winners outing and team building."

Rachel Lanphere-Key Account Specialist, Denton Municipal Utilities
"Thank you for helping us to make our team more effective! Everyone came in the next morning with a few aches, but thanks to you and your staff we had no complaints, only lots of smiles. Thanks again, & we look forward to working with you in the future."

Dawn Odams-Aether
"Thank you for all your help. The events in Cowboy Olympics with our sales, operations and customer service teams was a big success."

Christina Salinas-Richardson High School Softball Team Head Coach
"Joe thanks again for everything! It seems we uncovered a lot of our issues that we will solve as a family, so please cross your fingers that we can work them out. Other than that our girls had a great time and I'm sure Saturday will prove to be very beneficial to us. They take their bandanas to every game as a reminder of their team building day and of all they learned. We look forward to working with you again."

Debbie Strader-Aetna
"Joe, I want to thank you for facilitating my team building session last week. On day two we covered a lot of our agenda items and as we did, we discussed things that would remind each other of our defined attributes for both leaders and team members. We worked very well together and developed a draft action plan for some of our 2003 activities. Thank you again and please keep in touch."

Bob Kinley- District Manager -Pfizer
"Thanks very much for the Cowboy Olympics experience at Texas Lils! The feedback from our afternoon has been overwhelming positive!"

Kristen Putelis- Wright Line
"I just wanted to say thanks again for a great day of Cowboy Olympics at Texas Lils. The sales force just can't stop talking about it. I also want to thank Joe Hudson and The Learning E.D.G.E. for all their great work."

Kevin Tennant & Steve Sacchetti-Pfizer
"Thanks again for your work with our training team" -Kevin.
" Joe, thanks for everything with our training team" -Steve

Debbie Combs- Aetna
"We all had a great time - still receiving comments on what a great choice it was for this year's face-to-face team meeting. We had a wonderful, fun time and can't wait to see the pictures and newsletter. Thanks again for making this so successful, because a lot of it is due to the great attitude and fun personality you exhibit."

Chad Walker- Pfizer
"We had a great time and look forward to the pictures and newsletter. I will use these to follow up with the Training Department along with my feedback for other teams similar to mine. We had a great experience."

Peter Fink-President-Wright Line
"I continue to receive e-mail and voicemail messages from members of our sales force who are absolutely pumped. The Cowboy Olympic event at Texas Lil’s provided many great lessons and reinforced many of the messages they received during our product and sales training sessions that week. With a sales force that is scattered throughout North America, it is easy to feel that you are alone out there at times. The activities and events that transpired throughout our “day at the ranch” have reinforced the fact that our sales representatives share a complete network of resources and have an entire team they can count on. It underscored that, as a company, we are truly a team and that they should utilize the resources afforded them to solve problems and win business."

Moises Almendariz-Director, School Alliances North Lake College-President Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.
"Thank you so much for the amazing job you performed for our 02'-03' Leadership Irving class this past Saturday at Texas Lil's. Pam and I spoke to the class on the bus ride back to Irving and they all expressed their sincere gratitude for an "awesome" day at the ranch! As I mentioned to you this past weekend, I often have opportunities for people like you to speak to groups of kids/students. In fact, we are trying to develop a series of campus visits for our area middle school students. The planning is still sketchy, but I will inform you if we decide to contract a guest speaker. Thanks again for your motivating performance this Saturday."

Anthe Anignostis, Vice Principal-Boswell High School
"Thank you for all you have done for the Boswell High School Mentoring program this year. Your work with the FISH HEADS helped us get off to a positive start and we are looking for great results in helping our freshman students connect and make a successful transition from middle school to high school. I will keep you posted on our progress."

John Vettraino - CROSSMARK
"I have attended workshops for the last 15 years, but have never been to one as on target and meaningful as our communications workshop conducted by The Learning E.D.G.E. I also can't believe we had that much fun."

Amy Gamble - Gadzooks
“We have never had them asking for more. This is a tough group, and we have had them all including Zig Ziggler. We have never had them asking for more until they experienced Cowboy Olympics. We will be back with the rest of our management teams. If you ever need a reference have them give me a call.”

"Congratulations on another successful meeting! Thank you for letting me share in this opportunity to interact with the operations team, learn more about my communication style and shortcomings, understand communication styles different than my own and have so much fun doing all of these things!"

Diane Lee - Sabre BTS
"The team building is mind stretching and exciting. It really brought us together. "

Kathy Steckel-CROSSMARK
"Thank you for the great communication training session I recently attended at Texas Lil’s with the Bristol Myers Squibb Team. The information I received was insightful & extremely useful in performing my job. It was also fun! I am looking forward to attending the next session."

Kathy Howland - Genuity
"It was a solid team building experience. It is an experience that the Genuity team will never forget."

"I wanted to thank you for a great meeting at Texas Lil’s in Denton, Texas. The meeting was great and all the Territory Managers really enjoyed it as well. I somehow felt that I was a controller and your presentation proved that. I was able to learn a lot about my management skills and what areas to focus on to improve. Thanks again for your presentation and the great time we had at Texas Lils."

Chris Suffolk - Dial
"We brought all our teams together and built a more cohesive business unit using Teaming 2000 from The Learning E.D.G.E."

Christine Reitz-CROSSMARK
"Thank you for the wonderful training you provided our CROSSMARK team recently in Texas. I came away from your training feeling that I had learned a lot about myself. I also gained some valuable skills to help me be a more effective manager. Thanks again for a great week."

George Sotirin - Gadzooks
“I don’t really know what I expected but this was far more than I imagined. Joe and his group of wranglers out did themselves in helping us build a stronger and more cohesive Gadzook’s team. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for greater team unity.”

"It was great meeting you, and I feel like I really learned a lot from the conference. I think you put on a very informative and enjoyable seminar. Thank you so much."

Yasmine Paschal - EDS
"Thanks for everything, Joe. We have received great feedback from the entire day. Everyone was pooped, but it was due to an extraordinary day that no one will forget. I look forward to working with you again soon."

Jackie Garrett – CROSSMARK
"My first experience with the CROSSMARK dedicated team was great! A big part of that was due to the excellent training you provided. In 20+years of similar experiences, I can't think of any I enjoyed (& learned) more! I'm a fan of your company for life."

Jeff Bragger-EDS
“It was a great experience for my team. We will be taking the outstanding results back to EDS with us and will have more of our teams experience the great team building experience. Count me in on your new seven “C’s” pilot, I want to be a part of anything that the Learning EDGE does in the future.”

Anne Quigley- CROSSMARK
"Thank you for your time, effort & wealth of knowledge you shared with us at Texas Lils last month. I spent a lot of time thinking about the exercises that we did & how those lessons can impact both my personal & business lives. I look forward to our next session in October."

Lyman Carroll - Bristol Myers Squibb
"This team training is the best I have experienced in my 30 years with Bristol Myers Squibb. It has truly solidified the efforts of my dedicated Wal*Mart and Target teams. Thanks for your help, Joe."

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