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Teaming 2000

     Teaming 2000 is a series of training experiences that prepares any business team to become more productive and efficient in working together to service both internal and external customer needs through a mutually agreed upon business/department plan. This program series brings consistency to team process and an integrated approach to behavior modification. The series is customized for any business or department team environment, i.e. sales, marketing, customer service, manufacturing, etc.

The "Three Phased" Approach

  •      Business Foundations is a series of four, 4-hour workshops that bond your team together. Your team learns to value change in the workplace and use their empowerment within the team. Different communication styles are defined and each team member's identified from a strength and weakness perspective. The team is challenged to increase their flexibility to deal effectively with each.
         The team learns how to handle conflict and utilize a four step process for making decisions. Effective business meeting techniques are learned and practiced. All foundational learnings are then utilized to orchestrate the effectiveness of the team as it performs in custom designed adventure activities.

  •      Business Process is a 2 day workshop utilizing previous foundational learnings. The team allocates resources against mutually beneficial needs developed at an orchestrated internal/external customer meeting. It focuses their attention on the customer through a series of learning experiences that defines the environment, provides the tools to analyze key opportunities for mutual growth and encourages the design of a business/project action plan. The business team then reviews the plan design with the internal/external customer for final agreement and begins the process of implementation.

  •      Business Interactions is a series of three 4-6 hour workshops that allows your team to receive, disseminate, and define opportunities to improve their performance level through a satisfaction survey of both internal and external customer expectations. This series also helps the team to define gaps in performance and develop improvement goals to close those gaps. The team is then asked to develop an individual and team-focused continuous improvement curriculum. Lastly the team works together to design a rewards and incentives program consistent with reaching maximum team effectiveness and efficiency.

Workshop 1-
Valuing Change & Empowerment
Workshop 2-
Communicating in Teams
Workshop 3-
Conflict Management & Decision Making
Workshop 4-
Orchestrating Team Performance
Workshop 5-
Business Process
Workshop 6-
Receive 360 Feedback & Define Performance Goals
Workshop 7-
Develop a Continuous Improvement Curriculum
Workshop 8-
Build Rewards & Incentives

Tactical Steps

Phase Approach:
Customer Impact:
Information Sharing
Work as a Team
Complimentary Resources
Report Card
Sales Objective:
Knowledge Base/Cust. Needs
Break Down Barriers; Build Team Unity
Align Resources to Meet Customer Needs & Build Joint Plan
Continuous Improvement Mentality
Benchmark/Adjust Project Plan
Tactical Steps:
Review Goals
Review Customer Profile
Review Business Plan
Schedule Joint Meeting
Valuing Change
Understanding Empowerment
Communicating in Teams
Handling Conflicts
Decision Making
Leading & Supporting
Defining Customer Needs
Build Vision & Mission
Align resources
Target Internal/External Influencers
Develop Project Plans
Refine Work Process
360 Feedback
Define Gaps & Goals
Develop Continuous Improvement Plan
Build Rewards & Incentives
Analyze Results
Update Project Plan
Put Project in Writing
Set up Bench Marks
Flexible to Adjustment



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