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The Seven 'C's Workshop

The EDGE Spurs You to Develop a Rip Roaring Management Team!

     The Learning EDGE has been delivering effective Training Programs for companies for the last 10 years at all levels and for all departments. We have recently built working relationships with several locations that include: Texas Lils in Justin, Park Lane Ranch in Dallas, Shady Lakes Ranch in Cleburne, The Studios at Las Colinas and the Decatur Civic Center in Decatur, to provide a Management Growth Experience for you and your management team.

     The Learning EDGE has done senior management training with Fortune 500 companies and has found that the keys to successful management lies in The Seven "C’s" that are an ingrained part of most successful people & companies. We have developed a workshop series for senior and middle management dealing with "The seven 'C's".

1. Common Vision - Help your managers build or review key components of their team's and organization's shared vision.
2. Community Environment - Learn how to build a community environment that fosters creativity.
3. Consistent Leadership - Learn the key components of effective leadership and how to lead by example and follow a consistent, positive pattern. Review your management profile.
4. Coach Improvement - Learn proven coaching techniques focusing on improved personal and professional performance. Use analysis tools to identify performance enhancement opportunities and arrive at the correct coarse of action.
5. Communicate Openly - Practice key communication techniques by defining the various communication styles and determining flexibility in dealing with each. Learn to understand and effectively use the "4 Phase Communication Process" to promote open and clear communication throughout the organization.
6. Competitive Spirit - Learn how to create a competitive spirit that can flourish. Learn how to put the fire back in your team and motivate them to achieve more than they could ever imagine.
7. Celebration
- Learn the "How", "When", "Why", and "Where" of Celebration. Share successful rewards and incentives programs. Celebrate and document success!
Celebrate and learn from failure!

     Activities such as The Lariat Pass, The Hollow Horseshoe, The Look Out Tower, Relay Roping, Expanding Horizons, Outlaw Escape, Just Hanging Around, and a real Cattle Drive (at some locations) add fun and reinforcement to the workshop series.

     Working with locations listed above we can handle any size business team from 5 to 2,000 and deliver a life changing management experience for your middle and upper managers, while helping them go back to your organization and build a stronger and more cohesive business team. “Have gun will travel”, as the EDGE can also bring these experiences to your company location. Let the learning EDGE help you as it has helped other business teams.

     The Learning EDGE has made a positive difference for local companies that include: Dell Computer, Nokia, US Brick, Entertainment Marketing, Lennox, American Airlines, Alan Plummer & Associates, Oxy Chemical, Crossmark, Qualcomm, Gadzooks and Sabre BTS to name a few.

     The Learning EDGE has Trained Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Business Management Teams for national companies including: Bayer Corporation, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dial Corporation, Johnsonville Foods, Newell Rubbermaid, Rayovac, Johnson Wax, Braun, Papermate and Gillette to name a few.

     To find out more about the seven C’s or other performance improvement programs please feel free to contact one of our representatives via email or give us a call at the office. All contact information is on our contact page and we would be happy to visit with you and discover together how our Management Experience can make a positive difference for the leaders in your organization.

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