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     Joe Hudson, founder and President of The Learning E.D.G.E. has written several articles on business management as well as a few publications that he would like to share with you. To find out how to get your copy please see below.

Home Office 2000- By Joe & Carolyn Hudson

Your invaluable guide to setting up or re-organizing the home office. Used by Fortune 500 Companies to help their managers work from home with maximum efficiency. Whether you are setting up a new home office, or you have been in one for years, this handbook will help you with maximizing your physical space, efficiently controlling information flow, using outside resources strategically, effectively managing home office time, and addressing the personal side of officing at home. Whether you are an occasional or regular part of the work-at-home crowd, you will find Home Office 2000 is an invaluable and practical guide as well as a continuing reference.

Mentoring 2000- By Joe Hudson

This book was written to provide a process developed for several of the Fortune 500 companies to effectively establish a productive and efficient means of implementing, running and reinforcing a mentoring program. This book will encompass both new position people who need to develop needed skills and knowledge, and mature experienced people who need to expand or refocus what they are currently offering the company. The process discussed in the book is based on developing a core base of experienced people who are willing to work with and share their knowledge and direction with others for the growth of both mentor and Mentee.

Seven C's of Christian Leadership - Joe Hudson

While working in many industries and numerous Fortune 500 companies, I saw some great and some poor leadership principles and was able to arrive at some conclusions that I put in this book. There seems to be, in varying degrees, seven basic principles that I labeled the 7 C’s. The presence of these principles or the lack of their presence seems to have a high correlation to the success or failure of the companies I worked with. The more of them they had ingrained in their leadership culture, the more successful they seemed to be in any of the varied industries where I worked. These 7 C’s are spelled out for you in this book.

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