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     Below is a list of available programs. Click on each heading to get a more detailed description of that particular event. And if you have any questions that you cannot find answers to here, please feel free to contact us today!

Teaming 2000

     The only integrated team development curriculum designed to create vision and direction within cross-functional, self-directed, and high performance business teams. This process focuses on identifying and satisfying both external and internal customer needs.

Business Manager 2000

     A business process program series moving sales managers to business managers. It helps to teach managers to develop characteristics and attitudes of problem solvers, not product pushers.

Team Olympics

     Stop dividing your team when it’s time for recreation at your meetings. Take the time to check us out. We can provide you with the ideal team builder using the Olympics as a backdrop. All team members are challenged to work together to reach the Olympic goal of Gold. Forget some of the team playing golf, some sitting by the pool, some at the bar, some horse back riding and some sitting in their rooms. Get all of them involved and working together in a competitive environment taking the challenge, that only team building (wild west style) can provide.

Seven C's-Workshop

     The Learning E.D.G.E. has done senior management training with Fortune 500 companies and has found that the key to successful management lies in The Seven "C’s" that are an ingrained part of most successful people & companies. We have developed a workshop series for senior and middle management dealing with: Common Vision, Community Environment, Consistent Leadership, Coaching Improvement, Communicate Openly, Competitive Spirit & Celebration.

Other Programs and Retreats

     See a comprehensive list of programs that The Learning E.D.G.E. offers. If you are unsure what program may be right for you, please feel free to fill out our online "Survey of Conditions" form today so that our agents will be better equipped to meet your specific needs.

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