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Team Olympics / Team Games 

     Stop dividing your team when it’s time for recreation at your meetings. Take the time to check us out. We can provide you with the ideal team builder using the Olympics as a backdrop. All team members are challenged to work together to reach the Olympic goal of Gold. Forget some of the team playing golf, some sitting by the pool, some at the bar, some horse back riding and some sitting in their rooms. Get all of them involved and working together in a competitive environment taking the challenge, that only team building (wild west style) can provide.

     The year 2008 will be the year of the Olympics and Park Lane Ranch, Rancho De La Roca, Beaumont Ranch, Meritt Buffalo Ranch, Billy Bob's Texas and The Learning E.D.G.E. offer our Wild Wild West Team Olympics right now! These Olympic games will compete with anything they threw at us in Athens. This series of events allows corporate teams to get out of the office and really get to know one another while building the initial foundation for a stronger business team. The goals of Team Olympics are to:

  • Begin the process of building trust among team members
  • Build individual self confidence and begin to support other team members
  • To provide a healthy, competitive environment to use as an outlet for stress and to vent team issues.
  • To face challenges and learn how to encourage rather than ridicule one another.
  • To experience the Olympic excitement of taking home the Gold for accomplishing your goals.
  • Have some Fun


Watch A Team Games Video For Large Corporate Groups Below 


Team Olympics

The venues you have to choose for your team include: Equestrian, Skating, Gymnastics, Aquatic and Track and Field. If your corporate or department team is ready to take the challenge of a real cowboy Olympic Adventure Learning Experience then sign up time is now. At the end of the competition, scores will be tallied and team and event awards will be presented.

     From the following Olympic Events your team can choose 4 for an afternoon of fun and 8 for a full day marathon. If its too hot to go outside, we offer the Olympic Experience inside in air conditioned comfort.

From The Team Aquatic Venue

1. The Pool Boating Event- Team Members are challenged to race for time in rafts from one end of the pool to the other. Teams with the best times will receive points for their efforts.

From the Team Track and Field Venue

1. Relay Barrel Racing- Some team members are challenged to race against the clock while bond together racing around two barrels some 30 yards away. Other team members can shout encouragement while waiting for their turn on the relay team. Teams with the best times will receive points for their effort.
2. Kush Ball Sack Relay Race- Team members are challenged to an old fashion sack race. Each team member is given a sack and teams line up with the same number per team, some 25 yards apart, and will race against the clock until all team members have crossed the finish line with the Kush Ball in their hands. Teams with the best times will receive points for their effort.

From the Team Figure Skating Venue

1. Team 12 person relay skating- Team members are challenged with two 12 person skate boards to cross as a team of 12, a 30 yard expanse against another team and the clock. Team members will get off the boards and the second leg of the skating relay takes place to bring the boards back to their starting point and complete the relay. Points are awarded for time, style and creativity.
2. Skating Water Ball Toss- Team members are challenged with skating through the sand from one side of a volley ball pit to the other and then tossing a water balloon to a fellow team member and returning to the opposite side of the pit. Each team member must catch a balloon and make the sand crossing. Team members are awarded points for time and style.

From the Team Gymnastic Venue

1. Riding the Beam- Each team member is asked to make a cross on the beam as quickly as possible to another team member at the other end of the beam. All team members must cross the beam without falling off, and each team is timed for their results.
2. The Western Rings- Team members are paired in teams of two and challenged to a ring ride with one team member on rings attached to a metal pole that rotates with the other team member pulling them in a full circle and then both team members return to the starting point. Each team of two will be timed and the best times will be tallied.

From the Team Equestrian Venue

1. Team Roping- Each team is challenged to mount a steed and then rope a calf head on the front end of a bale of hay. Each team is timed and given only a certain amount of maximum time to complete. Penalties are given for members who can’t rope the steer. All times will be compiled and the fastest team wins the event.
2. Riding the Steer- Each member is asked to mount a moving barrel steer from one side and dismount from the other. The team will be challenged to run 10 yards to mount and run 10 yards after the dismount. All teams will be timed for the event and the team Olympic awards.

From the Team Volleyball Venue

1. Team Volley Ball - Hit a 4 foot in diameter volleyball over the net using modified US Olympic Volley Ball rules. One team will serve with the opposing team returning serve and the game will go to 11 points or the team with the most points when time is called being declared the winner. The winning team scores are tallied for highest point totals.
2. Volley Ball Shuffle- Using two regulation size volley balls each team lines up on a log from shortest to tallest and must reshuffle themselves from tallest to shortest without falling off the log. Each team member moving on the log must have a volleyball with them during the move. Winning time scores are tallied with a max time given for the event to be completed.

Other Team Olympic Events

1. Team Cable Tire Relay- Teams are challenged to move team members with a cable and tire from one end of the event track to the other in the shortest period of time.
2. Outlaw Escape- Teams are challenged to move team members across an expanse of alligator infested river some 15 yards on 9 pillars fastened into the lake bottom. The team is challenged to use all the resources available which can include as many as 6 4 X 4's 8foot long and 4 pieces of rope.
3. Team Blindfold Barrel Racing Relay- Teams are challenged to move team members on a designated course against the clock with one of their legs tied to another person and one of the two people are blindfolded. Team members can shout directions and encouragement to each team of two.
4. Team Horseshoe Rally- Teams are challenged to play a game of horseshoes with the most ringers winning as each team gets their chance to throw the shoes to victory.
5. Posse Pursuit- Team are challenged to get through a series of trip wires without disturbing the outlaws in an attempt to capture them before they find out the plan and shoot the posse members. Each team is timed against the ranch Olympic record.
6. Team Human Ladder- Teams are challenged to move team members from one spot to another some 20 yards away by making a human ladder as the route to victory. Teams are pitted against one another against the clock for winning times.
7. Mine Field- Teams are challenged to traverse two mine fields with the team blindfolded to pick up a bucket of nuclear explosives and take it to a place for disarmament. The leader uses his or her communication skills to move the team verbally through the mine fields to safety.

8. Team Trust Walk - Teams are challenged to take a team partner on a walk with one team member using their cowboy bandanna to blindfold themselves while the other team member will lead them over a predetermined course on the ranch. Each team member will have a chance to lead and follow and experience the dynamics of each.
9. Team Shooting - Teams are challenged to hit the target with live ammunition in a Texas shoot out. Teams are challenged to hit long neck beer bottles using 22 caliber six shooters. Teams are shooting for Olympic records.

10. Team Cattle Drive - Teams are challenged to move heads of cattle to the four corners of a pasture. They are also asked to take their horses through an obstacle course or to take part in an egg relay as a part of their cowboy horsemanship.
11. Hollow Squares - Teams are challenged to work together to complete a project where larger teams are divided into smaller teams of planners and constructors. The team is under pressure to complete the project in record time and using all the materials provided.
12. Expanded Horizons - Teams are challenged to work together to save the western world from nuclear contamination. All but the leader has been blinded by a virus and are asked to get a barrel of atomic waste from a pool of acid and return it to a neutralizing agent within the allotted time or risk the fate of the western world.

     The Learning E.D.G.E. can provide custom designed Olympic Experiences within 5-10 days (depending on the amount of customization needed) from the date of signing the agreed to contract.

     Team Olympics budgets are given for half and Full day sessions, based on the anticipated time involved in customizing and delivering the Team Olympics full and ½ day workshops for 30-100 people. Minimum group size is 12 people. Minimum workshop fee calculated at 20 people.

Team Olympics
1/2 Day
Full Day
Cost per Person
Total Costs
(20 people minimum) 

Team Games



NOTE: For larger teams- Multiply the total number of team members X $150.00 for full day or $125.00 for 1/2 day. Meeting packages include: meeting room, continental breakfast, one snack and lunch. A full Texas experience with Horse back riding and campfire cookout can be included for $67.00 per person. Other options available on request. Tax and Service fees not included.

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