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Managing Team Change

Adventure Learning
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Dealing With Change & Building Trust Through Adventure Learning

     The objective of the workshop is to prepare any business team to become more productive and efficient in working together to service both the internal and external customer needs by learning how to deal effectively with change and developing a stronger element of trust.

     Customers are looking for solid business teams to effectively and efficiently help meet their needs by building team partnerships that will foster growth and bottom line results through the area of business solutions. Dealing effectively with Change and developing Trust among team members is a critical factor in team success.

     Dealing With Change & Building Team Trust Through Adventure Learning is a series of custom experiences designed to help management, department, and business teams:

  • Understand why and how change is necessary.
  • Understand and begin to establish a plan to handle different reactions to change.
  • Understand how to move yourself and others positively through the change process.
  • Understand that each team member plays an invaluable role on the team.
  • Recognize how trust issues on your team can be addressed.
  • Recognize trust building or trust hindering behaviors in themselves and others.
  • Understand how to change behaviors that may negatively impact the trust on the team.
  • Analyze each member’s trust enhancing behaviors.
  • Understand and use trust building method.
  • Aid others through providing solid feedback that can help them improve and become a more productive team player.
  • Learn to have fun and trust your fellow team members even more, while balancing the flow of action with reflection.
  • To challenge the team both mentally and physically in learning experiences that will be easily transferable to on the job situations.


1. Get team members ready for change by reviewing how and why change is necessary.
2. Understand the normal reactions to change and how to positively deal with them.
3. Understand the normal phases of change reaction, i.e. Closures, Transitions, and New Beginnings.
4. Learn how to help yourself and others deal positively with change.
5. Understand roles within the team and how each team member is a valuable asset.
6. Adventure Learning Activities focusing on adapting to change.
7. Identify elements that define trust within the team.
8. Understanding how developing and maintaining partnerships revolves around trust.
9. Understand behaviors that negatively impact trust within the team.
10. How to link trust and partnering behaviors.
11. Understand the benefits of High Trust and the consequences of Low Trust on the team.
12. Understand how trust affects team development.
13. Perform an interpersonal trust survey.
14. Understand and practice improving trust-enhancing behaviors.
15. Profile of a high trust team leader and a low trust team leader.
16. Understand the relationship between trust and communication within the team.
17. Understand and practice the trust building process.
18. Adventure Learning Activities focusing on building higher trust within the team. These include: The Trust Fall, The Wall, The Pirates’ Adventure and The Tire Relay.
19. A series of defined team goals for improving performance while transferring lessons learned from the outdoor classroom to the boardroom.
20. Build a continuous improvement attitude that relieves stress and dumps frustration.

Timing and Budget

     The Learning E.D.G.E. can provide custom designed adventure learning workshops within 10-15 days (depending on the amount of customization needed) from the date of signing the agreed to contract.

     The workshop budgets are given for a full day workshop, based on the anticipated time involved in customizing and delivering the Adventure Learning full day workshop for 25-30 people per team. Minimum group size is 10 people. Minimum workshop fee calculated at 20 people.

Materials & Delivery Fee
Delivery of One full Day Workshop per person:
Total Cost at 20 People Per Workshop:

NOTE: For larger teams- Multiply the total number of team members X $100.00. Meeting packages are available beginning at $49.95 per person and includes meeting room, 2 snacks and lunch. A full Texas experience with Horse back riding and campfire cookout can be included for $67.00 per person. Other options available on request.

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